Read the codex article Making Custom Queries using Offset and Pagination for more information. Just a quick reminder: when you’re visiting any page of a WordPress install, the system creates a query that depends on the url you’re visiting. If I need to run a query to get the list of post IDs to use, then I already have the posts I want to use. A WP_Query is a special type of query, unique to WordPress, that fetches posts from the WordPress database. Example for how to universally adjust queries for an ‘event’ post type: Include Custom Post Types in the homepage. Except that the_posts is run after WP_Query->query so I end up in an endless recursion. WordPress’s default queries are extremely important: they’re the queries that fetch the most recent Posts for your blog index, all Posts of a specific category for a Category archive page, all posts from a specific month for a month-based archive page, search results for a search page, and so on. I put all this here in case the next guy that comes along find my solution useful.

Thank you for your answer . This true/false field returns 1 if ticked, 0 if not. Remember, pre_get_posts lets you modify an existing query. I’ve (finally) fixed that.

This means you can’t simply change a single post or page query into an archive of posts query (or the other way around). pre_get_posts offers some solutions that are more performant than writing a custom WP_Query, and enables solutions to other problems that would be quite difficult otherwise.. Let’s learn about pre_get_posts!. For example, in a database full of person data, you might want a specific person’s name and age, and you’d write a query (in SQL or a similar language) to fetch the information you want. That’s pre_get_posts in a nutshell. add_action( ‘pre_get_posts’, ‘wpshout_pages_blogindex’ ); Thank you so much! I have a pie-in-the-sky idea that we should adopt the recursive syntax of WP_Meta_Query etc, so that you could nest query conditions and connect them with the relation of your choice, kinda like this: etc etc etc. The WP_Query instance (passed by reference). This order of events is how pre_get_posts gets its name. Related: #16910, #15068 However, most of the time you’ll be using pre_get_posts on WordPress’s default queries, since you can usually modify other queries directly. pre_get_posts is the best way to modify a default query. The alternative to this approach—modify whichever template uses the default query you want to change (index.php, search.php, etc. In WordPress, pre_get_posts is an action that makes it possible to modify an existing WP_Query, before that query is actually run. See WP_Query, pre_get_posts. I want to add the line 13, 14, 15, 16 on the top on the code after the search in the content and the title.

I don't know if it is already in place, but I want to add in the hook "pre_get_posts" custom field. Fires after the query variable object is created, but before the actual query is run. pre_get_posts offers some solutions that are more performant than writing a custom WP_Query, and enables solutions to other problems that would be quite difficult otherwise. This all seems redundant to me anyway. You must log in before being able to contribute a note or feedback. For example, I’d have no idea how to write a single custom WP_Query to cover all the different kinds of queries that get generated for archive pages. I'm trying to do the same things as OP and have run into the same problem.

pre_get_posts is an action that lets you modify a WP_Query that is “about to run,” meaning “about to ask the database for a post bundle.” Before the query can run off to the database and get its bundle of posts, we’re going to swoop in and change which posts the query will actually request. For example, its recommended to use the the is_admin() conditional to not change queries in the admin screens. Use pre_get_posts instead of new WP_Query() when possible, because this minimizes queries against the WordPress database. So, after checking to see that I'm in the right spot I run a new WP_Query() to get the results I need. Taking @boonebgorges advice I have a list of post IDs to insert (which I get by creating a new WP_Query() and running it). This is basically what the template hierarchy does.


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