An insightful interview with Johnnie Behiri and Stefan Czich about the NPS-10, a superfast all-in-one on location backup hub. cinema5D. Read our full Privacy Policy here. The device comes with a protective rubber frame, which also provides a better grip. Title Release date NCB-20 XQD. NextoDI NPS-10 backup device. NPS-10; Store. Le NPS- 10 analyse ensuite les données des deux disques et ne copie que les dossiers de sauvegarde ajoutés sur le disque USB externe. Try. Right now, maximum capacity SATA SSDs available is 4TB, but the device supports much larger sizes. Nexto’s were a good solution for quickly dumping a lot of data with a back-up copy a decade ago(I had several that I used to dump to eSATA portable drives), but they are too limited today since you cannot create specifically named folders and sub-folders that are needed with some of today’s multi-cam shoots, where you may have two, three, four or more cameras with each one shooting multiple cards, plus iso-track WAV and mp3 audio files. Sachez que votre paiement sera encaissé uniquement après l'expédition de votre commande. For external 2.5-inch HDD powered via USB cable, a power limitation to the NPS-10’s USB host port may cause compatibility problems. Regdate . Vous pouvez également sauvegarder les cartes mémoire plusieurs fois sans les supprimer au préalable. He is interested in new tech and trends in filmmaking and passionate about action sports and short documentaries. We always use double opt-in, so please confirm your subscription by clicking on the link you will receive in an email after you hit "sign up". Camara s'engage à faire le maximum auprès du fournisseur afin de vous livrer rapidement. In particular, hybrid external HDD such as Thunderbolt/USB combo HDD consumes more power than conventional USB external HDD, so it may not be recognized by the NPS-10 due to power problems.Self-powered external HDDs such as 3.5-inch external HDDs can be used without power compatibility problems. There are two SD card slots and a microSD card slot on the left side of every NPS-10. It comes without internal drive, but accepts SATA SSDs and 2.5″ HDDs up to 7.2mm thick. cinema5D GmbH, Kranzgasse 22/9-10, A-1150 Vienna, Austria, Zoom F2 & F2-BT Ultracompact Field Audio Recorders Announced, PortKeys LEYE EVF Announced - 4K HDMI Affordable Viewfinder, RF Mount Conversion Kit for FUJINON MK Zooms by MTF Services, DJI Mini 2 Drone First Look Review - 4K Video, OcuSync 2.0, Same Ultra-Light Body, Insta360 ONE X2 Announced - Specs & First Look Review, Aputure Sidus Link Bridge - Connectivity for Legacy Lights and More, FUJIFILM X-S10 Review - Footage & Mini Documentary, compact standalone backup device NextoDI NPS-10, Display: 2.4″ 64K color LCD with 320×240 resolution, Card support: 2x SD (UHS-II) slot, 1x MicroSD slot, 1x CF or CFast or XQD/CFexpress slot, Storage: 2.5″ SATA drive with 7.2mm and less height, File system: FAT32, exFAT, UDS, HFS+ (memory card), Video preview: DV, DVCPRO HD, MPEG2 4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0, XF-AVC 2K/4K, AVCHD, H.264, AVC-Intra, XAVC 2K/4K, AVC Ultra 2K/4K, DNxHD 2K, ProRes 2K/4K, Image codec: JPEG, TIFF, RAW (ARW,CR2, CR3, DNG, NEF, ORF, PEF, RAF,RWL, RM2, SRW, Internal battery: Rechargeable Li-Pol 4,000mAh (3.7V) battery (3 hours charging = 2 hours X-Copy operating time), Power: Rechargeable via USB-C cable (with power bank or PC, output 2A or more), Computer interface: USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10 Gbit/s), OS compatibility: Windows XP (SP 2, 3 with exFAT patch upgrade), Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, MacOS 10.6.5 or later, Linux 2.4.18 or later, Dimensions: 129.5 x 77 x 25.3mm (5 x 3 x 0.99″), Weight: 200g (0.44 lbs) without internal drive.

Les données stockées sur le disque dur interne peuvent être synchronisées avec un lecteur USB externe.

When multiple memory cards are inserted, the NPS-10 backs up all inserted memory cards sequentially in a single operation. Plus, with its durable yet compact body, it’s easy to work from anywhere without worrying about shock or dust. With the built-in memory card slots and USB port, the NPS-10 provides instant and fast copying of files directly to the internal storage (SSD or HDD) without external power or a computer.

© 2020 All rights reserved. You can install a 2.5” SATA hard drive (or SSD), but the thickness of internal drive should be less than 7.2mm. In addition, the NPS-10 supports the preview of video and the playing of audio files that are stored on memory cards. Back up various types of memory cards from different cameras without a computer. And if you don't like our newsletter, you can unsubscribe with a single click, the link is at the bottom of every newsletter.

Il permet de copier rapidement le contenu de votre carte mémoire (possibilité de ne pas effacer les données de la carte) sans ordinateur directement sur un disque dur ou un SSD (à acheter séparément - accepte jusqu'à 2 To).


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