Hotfix: Corrected music on GCN Dry Dry Desert. Supporting update 1 for the 2019-09-18 update. Clients will also no longer mask the suspend bug, along with the host. New track: Neo Koopa City, replacing Hillside Circuit! A bug in the updater caused New Moon Manor to install incorrectly and crash in VS and online; this update fixes it. これらのブラウザでダウンロードしようとすると途中で止まってしまうことがほとんどです。, MEGAからファイルをダウンロードするときはFireFoxやChromeといった大容量ダウンロードに特化したブラウザから, どちらかをインストールして開いたらそのブラウザからダウンロード画面にいってみてください。, ダウンロードおよびコピーは数分で終わる人もいれば30分ぐらいかかる人もいます。パソコンの性能によりますね。. New track: Aquania, replacing Mikoopa's Citadel! Updated GCN Mushroom Bridge to a brand new version! Fixed a bug where certain modes (e.g. Supporting update (required for the frameskip update to work). Modes that CTGP set to 30fps before will still be set to 30fps. 12人よりも人数が少ない場合→2回戦制は中止となり、通常通り12人揃えてから開始します。, 2. Fixed various bugs in Ignorance is Bliss anti-cheat. Press Yes. New track: Abandoned Boardwalk, replacing Snowy Circuit 2! If you get disconnected a lot while running this update, it may be the case that your Internet is causing problems for other racers! If you have used a previous version of CTGP-R you do not need to download Supporting update (required to make v1.03.1022 work). New track: CTR Blizzard Bluff, replacing Daisy Gardens! Supporting update (required to make v1.03.1034 work). New track: Final Grounds, replacing Unnamed Valley! Hotfix number 3! Updated GBA Lakeside Park to its latest version. Updated Calidae Desert to its latest version. I apologise to anyone who used to enjoy them! need to download an exploit (see below). You will Updated DS Wario Stadium to latest version, again. Updated Snowy Circuit to its latest version. Updated The Rabbit Hole to its latest version. This is mainly to ensure hackers crash CTGP clients less frequently in public races. New track: Underground Sky, replacing Alpine Circuit! Updated DS Bowser Castle to its latest version. Fixed faulty checkpoints on Icepeak Mountain. Go to Data Management. Updated Warp Pipe Island to its latest version. Modes that were originally forced to 30fps by CTGP will now run at 60, but with frameskip. Supporting update (required to make v1.03.1064 work). Supporting update (required to make v1.03.1012 work), Supporting update (required to make the new track work). It was developed by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz with the help of countless other track authors, translators and testers. Updated SNES Vanilla Lake 2 to its latest version. Anyone without the correct settings will get a message saying they are unable to join and if using CTGP, why they can't join. This page has been accessed 105,750 times. It can also be triggered by pressing + or Start (depending on your controller), and may be used offline to randomly select a track to play on. Hotfix: Corrected two incorrect Countdown time limits. New track: GBA Yoshi Desert, replacing Darkness Temple! Updated DS Bowser Castle to a brand new version. To use CTGP-R, you'll need: A Wii or a Wii U; A Mario Kart Wii game disk; An SD card of at least 768MB ; If this is the first time you've ever used CTGP-R or a homebrew application you'll need to download an exploit (see below). When searching for opponents, the game will attempt to match you with a host of similar rank for 80 seconds. Updated SADX Twinkle Circuit to its latest version. This page describes the outdated version 1.02.0003. Reduces difficulty of N64 Toad's Turnpike 2x. It does NOT prevent Error Code 86420, 91010, any disconnection caused by Internet error, or disconnections caused by "toxic" players. Altered Countdown's region identifier to "cd_xx". Updated Rush City Run to its latest version. Copy one of these exploits to your SD card then install You can also join your friends who are playing CTWW, and they can join you. Using an exploit voids your Wii's warranty. Required for the 1.03.1066-9 update to work! Altered LAN multiplayer settings so it is possible to disable High Data Rate mode. It also has no effect in a friend room, as friend rooms do not need this feature. Updated Final Grounds to its latest version. Supporting update (required to make v1.03.1076 work). Fixed a typo in the Japanese language files. New track: Headlong Skyway, replacing Strobenz Desert! (Not very fast about it, though...). If you have the Homebrew Channel on your Wii you do not need to download an exploit. New track: Flying Kingdom, replacing SNES Rainbow Road! 単にオンライン対戦がやりたいだけなら以下の動画を参考にすれば10分ほどで接続可能です! New track: Desert Mushroom Ruins, replacing Punch City 2! Wii into your Wii. Also fixed GBA Rainbow Road's name in-game to match the one on the Ghost Database. If it fails, it will match you with anyone. Download CTGP-R v1.03 and extract it to your SD card. In addition, some new friend room modes have been added to CTGP. Supporting update (required to make v1.03.0072 work), Fixes an offroad glitch on Rock Rock Ridge, Fixes the "Everyone 1st" glitch on Strobenz Desert, Supporting update (required to make v1.03.0070 work), Updated Forsaken Mansion to its latest version, Updated GBA Bowser Castle 4 to its latest version, Updated GBA Ribbon Road to its latest version, Updated Strobenz Desert to its latest version, Supporting update (required to make v1.03.0068 work), Updated DS Mario Circuit to its latest version, Updated Aquadrom Stage to its latest version, Updated GBA Rainbow Road v1 to a new version (the old GBA RR v2, since some people wanted it back), Updated Summer Starville to its latest version, Supporting update 2 (required to make v1.03.0066 work), Supporting update (required to make GBA Peach Circuit and GBA Cheep Cheep Island v2 work), Updated GBA Peach Circuit to a new version, Half-hearted attempt at fixing a respawn error on Nightmare to Dream World, Updated GBA Cheep Cheep Island v2 to its latest version, Updated GBA Rainbow Road v2 to a new version, Updated Cliff Village to its latest version, and reduced laps to 3, Updated Icecream Sweetland to its latest version, Updated Galaxy Base to its latest version, Updated GBA Bowser Castle 1 to a new version, and reduced laps to 3, Updated SNES Bowser Castle 1 to a new version. Supporting update (required to make v1.03.0026 work). New track: Volcanic Valley, replacing Volcano Canyon! See WiiUBrew In rooms where you have appropriate settings and everyone is on CTGP, you can now choose to start a Worldwide VS race, a Worldwide Battle, a CTWW or a public Countdown from within a friend room! 導入CTGP Revolution 導入方法CTGP Revolutionチャンネルの導入必要なものHomebrew Channel導入済みWiiマリオカートWii1GB以上のSDカードでは、導入まずはここからCTGP Revolution 1.03をダウン … Certain tracks have been modified for online stability. Fixed the bug where you can race multiple ghosts at once on Nintendo tracks. Updated GBA Rainbow Road v2 to its latest version. New track: Boshi Skatepark, replacing Horror Mansion! 有線にまでする必要はあまりないですがお好みでどうぞ。後はレース中などに電子レンジなどの電波を阻害する家電を使わないようにすること(有線ならほぼ影響なし)。ルータは極力Wii,WiiUと同じ部屋に設置し、部屋中央の少し高いところに置くのが理想です。, 7.wii(wiiU)専用キャプチャーボード: [任意]動画の配信や録画をしたい人は準備してください。, 8.配信用マイク: [任意]動画や配信に自分の音声を入れたい人は準備してください。, 9.コントローラー: [必須]wiiリモコン(単体、ハンドル、ヌンチャクから選択)、GCコン、クラシックコンのどれか1つでもあればok. Fixed a minor bug in the channel installer. Updated Lost Fortress to its latest version. Adds brake drifting for 200cc. New track: Castle of Time, replacing Goomba Cave! Supporting update (required to make v1.03.1002 work). "skip" versions by not downloading them. Updated Aquadrom Stage to a brand new version! Go to SD Card. Supporting update (required to make v1.03.1018 work). instructions for the updated version. Updated DS Tick-Tock Clock to its latest version. New track: Forest Creek, replacing Blue Loop! Not a lot to talk about here, but it is required for this new update to work properly. Updated Final Grounds to its latest version. The stability rating will improve over time and is based on NATNEG success. Updated N64 Koopa Troopa Beach to a brand new version. If you have an old version of CTGP-R and need to save space on your SD card for the,, 「編集」を選びカップを選ぶ画面が出たら左上の「カップ数合計」を押すとカップ数が変更できるので、最大の「54」にする。, 2つの隠しコースを入れると代わりに別の2つのコースを消さなくてはならないので(いつでも変更は可能)、あらかじめ消してもいいコースを選んでおく。おすすめはASDF_コース、GPマリオビーチ、DSエイトクロスサーキット、ブルーループといった初見でもすぐに慣れるようなコースがいいだろう。, 消してもいいコースを選んだら順にコースを割り当てていく。分かりやすいように50音順に割り当てるといいだろう。64レインボーロード・スタースロープを入れたい場所が来たら、まずその場所を選び、続いてコースを右のリストから選ぶときに以下のコマンドを入力すると自動的に隠しコースが割り当てられる(wiiリモコンは縦に持ってやること)。. Fixes a bug for some people that prevented them from loading the game with CTWW enabled. New track: Dark Matter Shrine, replacing Fire Palace! Hopefully you just won't notice anything new. Adds item boxes to Aquania (no really, somehow we missed that). Supporting update (required to make the new tracks work). It can also be used in Time Trial by selecting the in-game button for it! Updated GCN Daisy Cruiser to its latest version. Wii 4.3 users must use the letterbomb exploit Go to HackMii 1.03.1076-14: Do NOT install to a CTGP that has 24 player mode. Fixed a bug where the Ghost Database would eventually stop working entirely after a while. Added a new anti-freeze to Ignorance is Bliss. This update will NOT function without the CHAN 0.04.0082 update! Adds support for USB GameCube ports to Mario Kart Wii! New track: The Rabbit Hole, replacing Wario's Lair! Reduced the power of "High" mode for Ignorance is Bliss anti-cheat. No other data will be erased, you will keep your VR, BR, unlocked characters, etc. Copyright © CyberAgent, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Hugely experimental update: Please let me know if this crashes a lot! Updated Pipe Underworld to its latest version. For example, if you wanted to upgrade from v1.03.0024 to but the source code for the previous version is available on Github. Updated Lava Road to a brand new version. Say 'Replace All' or 'Merge' Get CTGP-R CTGP-R lets you play new and remade tracks offline or online with players around the world. To help prevent online cheating, the source code for version 1.03 is kept secret, New track: Lunar Lights, replacing GBA Rainbow Road (v1)! Fixed an obscure bug on N64 Choco Mountain, where 10th place would start out of bounds... but only in a 10 player race! インストールしたらデスクトップ上に出して、解凍したいファイルをここにドラッグするだけですね! Fixed a bug that sometimes occurred when handling the end of a race while the suspend bug is in effect. Attempts to remove the "regional fusion" glitch. It allows you to connect the official Nintendo USB GameCube ports designed for Smash 4 to your Wii U (or Wii, if you desire) and then use GameCube controllers with those to control the game. New track: Luncheon Tour, replacing River of Dreams! Added 3 new languages: Spanish, Polish and Swedish, Added a feature to display Mii heads on minimap instead of character icons while racing.


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