The free Advanced Random Posts Widget, as the name suggests, adds a new widget to your website. A look at the settings below will give you the full picture. When you click the image in the widget area, it takes you to a page with the full-sized version of the image. thank u sir ...excelent widget for my blog, Its working on my template.

Can you kindly tell me how to remove the dotted border or change the dotted border color? Hi, can you please help? 1. Hi, great little addition. Select if the comment counter should be displayed in post information box. Do you have another way? Click on layout. Remove the old version and reinstall it, it will definitely work.

Ok thank you. Any suggestions. Can you add an option to make it horizontal?., download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio,,,,,, Just enter your email address and we’ll send you a link to your free content. Thank you!

Select the alignment for post titles. I Hope You wouldn't have to make much changes in the code to give it a Grid view. 3.

Thank you ( One question though: Right now the thumbnails are all vertically alligned, is there a way for me to display them next to each other, like in two columns, so instead of having 6 vertically alligned images, I'd have 3 pairs. Is there anyway to only display posts between certain time periods or those only with photos/images? That is all on Advanced Random post widget for Blogger with Image thumbnail, Hope you enjoyed reading it.

No credit card required or any silliness like that, we’ll take you straight to your comment.

they're used to log you in.

Do you have any idea how to fix this? Thank you for the feedback! Once per week, unsubscribe at any time. I hope you are doing great, This is a very helpful Article for beginners, Thanks For Sharing. You can unsubscribe from our communications at any time. Thanks in advance!

It looks like its bold, but I would like thin letters.

Im so glad ~Cyfrus. You can choose if you want to show your random posts with thumbnails or without, and you can also set a lot of other options.

If you can help me sort out the image stuff, you'd have given my website a great touch.

Another Simple solution to display Random Post. Hi Soshail,I will try to add this function when I will have more time but I don't promise anything. Hi there,You could try this script instead and change 3 from var rdp_numposts=3; with the number of posts to be shown. Please help it will be appreciated... thanks. Can’t decide on which one you like best? Advanced Random Posts Widget for Blogger This gadget can display randomly selected posts from your blog. Are you planning to make a "You may like this" widget? Also Read: Getbarter Online Virtual Card: How To Create New Account.

Very useful post. Choose "none" if you don't want to show titles at all. Bro Can you Help Us Have It in a "Grid View" As Well? Sorry, I tried to fix this but i can't find the reason why images are not loading from your blogger feed. This widget was working pretty well on my blog.

Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Here’s a look at the plugin in action on the sidebar: Here’s a look at the settings on the widget: Main Features: Takes images from entire site or only one category, links to full-sized image. Hi! Cheers! It works perfectly! The numbers you see there are the IDs of the images. It would be similar to this. Choose Add a Gadget. Thank you so much for promptly responding and trying to help. The settings page for this plugin is quite extensive. Value "none" also select all posts from your blog. :), Yes, to remove all dots, use this code:To change the dots into line, use this:. free The login page will open in a new tab. This all helps to make the plugin a versatile choice for promoting your previously published posts. Thank you very much! It lets you choose the size of the images, how they’re displayed (columns or columns and rows), where the image links to (post for image, category for image), and more. Hello! The image thumbnail has a hover effect that add some elegances to this widget and of course to your blog as well. With a good amount of settings and appearance options, you should have no trouble getting the Advanced Random Posts Widget to work in the way that you want, on your website. In any case, you could accomplish the same thing by entering the IDs of the images you would like to pull from. I like this tool, thanks! Tried to remove with no luck.

How many random posts should the widget display? hi. Advanced Random posts widget for Blogger with image thumbnails and snippets When your blog has too many posts, visitors don't always have the time or desire to go through all the posts written there in order to make an idea of the blog's content. The Advantage of this Widget is that it will display your very old post. WPMU DEV has more 5-star reviews than any other WordPress company, find out why with a 7-day

Is it possible to change the font weight of the titles? That was exactly what bothered me, too! Without involving comments at all. Thank you, it's working. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix it, because this widget loads posts and their thumbnails from Blogger's rss feed, which only has 72x72 pixel thumbnails available, and if they are set to display as much larger, they can be stretched and pixelated.

Thanks for visiting! I appreciate! Learn more. Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. Thanks! **Installing Via FTP** 1.

Thank you very , much, is working perfectly!

It works great on my site. All I want in the random post is the title and pic. Border width. Add Content Requirement Checklists to the WordPress Post Editor, Keep Visitors on Your Blog for Longer by Displaying Related Posts, Comments Not Replied To: Quickly See Which Comments Haven’t Received a Reply. This plugin gives you a widget that will allow you to pull in random images from the entire site or just one post. When your blog has too many posts, visitors don't always have the time or desire to go through all the posts written there in order to make an idea of the blog's content.

The list of posts can be formatted to include just the title, or also an excerpt, a thumbnail image, and the post date. Main Features: Place random images in Posts or Pages with shortcodes, ability to get images from selected category, lots of styling options. If you have any questions about this plugin, or working with WordPress in general, please leave a comment below. Thanks a lot for stopping by, really glad you love it and its work for you. The widget is working fine. To do so, log into your site’s admin area ( and then navigate to Plugins > Add New using the sidebar menu.

Please do something. Choose a border style to separate the displayed posts. 2.Open the page and … It also lets you specify taking images from only a certain category.

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Question if I set snippet length to "0" I end of with three little dots "..." that end up after the title. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 3.

In the next fields you can check which of this informations you want to show in widget. My recent post widget w/ thumb. As the Advanced Random Posts Widget plugin is free to use, it can be installed on your site directly from the WordPress plugin directory. Thank you! Allows you to display them with thumbnails, post excerpt, multiple category and more. Hello, How to make HORIZONTAL random post with thumbnail ? The larger I make the thumbnail, the more pixelated the picture becomes.

Yes, I improved it a little and added new possibilities.

Idk. Try to add it again and if it still doesn't work, let me know and leave the code on the page so that I can see what the problem is.

Love it! !Can We Improve the Image Resolution? Set "0" if you don't want to display the border at all. Now one post is below the other. Hey!For some reason is not working on my blog. A witty email sent 3 times per week that rounds up the latest and greatest from around the WordPress world.

The advantage of random post widget is that it shows different posts to any users and doesn't repeat posts frequently. Sorry, my english is bad. This shortcode-enabled plugin lets you insert a random image into a Post or Page from the gallery/attachments of that Post or Page. 4. The only problem is the font size of the post titles, nothing happens when i try to change doesn't matter if i change it from 12px to 11px or 10px,i see the same font size..i guess there is a setting on my template which overrides all the font size on the footer, but the comments fonts size value it's working.Thanks for this great widget, i will put a link on the footer for new blogger to bring them here for hints.

I've tried and it works fine on my blog in the computer but not on the mobile.

;), Here you are: It shows nothing.

However, by installing a free plugin you can increase the chances of your visitors stumbling upon more of your classic content. This is a very cool widget that can be added at the blogger sidebar and also Blogger footer to increase your Blog page view. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy Main Features: shortcodes that choose random images from current post or from a selected list of images. To change the size of the thumbnail kindly modify the [ width: ] value with a red color to your desired width and height. Thank you.

And your visitors will stay longer on your Blog reading Random Post.

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I did what you asked me to do and it's no longer erractic in showing up both on laptop and android phones. I'm sorry to bother you but could you provide me this same widget but without the comments option? pls help me.

Thanks again... You will need to remove this character (press CTRL + F to find it): …Thanks for visiting!

In the information box you can display author name, date of publication and number of comments. One more problem: The thumbnail images are still not showing. Sweet. It has the same…, © 2004-2020 Project by Incsub | Terms & Privacy.


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